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Pack Life Dogs Living the dream

Trooper was definitely a favorite of Pack Life. He was so scared & lonesome when we first met him, but still such a sweet little guy. Just look at him now that he's loved as part of a wonderful family. This will always warm our hearts!

Handsome, goofy Scotty made friends of all he met during his time with Pack Life, and we were thrilled when he was able to catch a bus to his forever home in Maine. This Southern gentleman went from one end of the country to another and is no doubt still charming everyone he meets!

Sweet Nola captured all of our hearts while she was here, so we're happy to share that this lovely girl has found her perfect forever home with a new family in the Northeast US. Will she miss the Gulf Coast summers? 

Biscuit the Eskie sure had a rough time! He had been in a shelter where he was attacked by another dog. (This little guy didn't let his injuries dampen his spunky spirit in the least, though!) He came to Pack Life rather urgently and thanks to the help of several local volunteers and Eskie Rescuers United, Biscuit is now living his dream with his new family in Florida. 

Little Ziggy is definitely a "rags to riches" story! He was found wandering by a Good Samaritan and brought to Pack Life.  After a little TLC and a lot of hard work by the folks at River Bend Veterinary Hospital, Ziggy is healthy and living the good life with a family in the Northeastern US. Hope he has his snow boots!

Daisy and Deuce lost their way while their family was visiting for Mardi Gras and the two seniors decided to strike out on their own (maybe looking for the best parades?) They were pulled from the middle of a very long bridge by a Good Samaritan and brought to Pack Life. The amazing rescue network sprang into action,  and in a short time they were reunited with their family, and with plenty of stories to tell of their adventures!

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